How to pick the perfect diamond

You probably have found information on the 4 C’s along with many opinions on the diamond grading reports. At Goldcreations, we will give you feedback and our opinion, but what’s most important is your likes and preferences. Any diamond must fall within your criteria and need. The first time I ever looked at diamonds, I went to the mall and spoke to each of the shops at the four corners and they told me what they thought. Each one thought that a different aspect of the 4 C’s was more important than the others—none of them agreed on which one was most important, however. Our opinion is that the most important quality of a diamond or gemstone is its meaning to your loved one. You know them best, their likes and their taste. The diamond or gemstone we assist you with is a very special gift from you to them, and we only assist you in picking out your idea of the ideal stone.