Is custom more expensive

No, custom jewelry is not more expensive. It is usually the same cost as higher quality mass-produced pieces, and it has the advantage of getting you precisely the piece that you have in mind and that expresses your sentiments to your loved one. No one wants to see their jewelry on someone else’s hand, and custom jewelry enables you to give something unique and one-of-a-kind.

Most large conglomerates have their pieces produced by plants that can save them 15-25%. Then those mass-produced designs are marked up between 50% and 350% to pay for overhead, rent and the like. We have overhead expenditures, but we don’t have anywhere near the overhead of the large jewelry chains. Our custom jewelry is not more expensive.

 What is the price range to design my own custom piece?

The prices of your design are so individual and based upon so many variables that it is difficult to give a price range. Are you trading in family gold and family diamonds? How are the stones being set? Is the quality of the stones going to work together? Our average price is between $500 and $2500. We know that’s a big spread and we would love to discuss your specifics. Please understand that we will need to know the details of your budget in order to design accordingly.

 How long will it take

Most custom designs take 2-4 weeks, although a more complicated design may take longer. We will need 2-3 weeks after your final approval of the design to complete your heirloom.


Domestic Orders & Shipping

There is no cost to you for shipping within the continental U.S. All pieces will be shipped via USPS to ensure the safety and security of your jewelry. A stolen Fed Ex or UPS package is a misdemeanor, even if the contents are worth $20,000, whereas a stolen USPS package is a federal felony. The Hope diamond (worth $200-$250 million) was sent USPS from Mr. Harry Winston to the Smithsonian Institute. Your jewelry will be shipped in the same manner with the same protections.

International Orders & Shipping

International customers will be quoted shipping as part of their order, and are responsible for any duties, VAT, taxes or surcharges levied or charged by their country. Please check with local authorities prior to placing your order to confirm taxes and duties. Military personnel located overseas may have their packages shipped to an APO or FPO location free of charge. APO/FPO shipments are done through the US Post Office and can take longer (sometimes up to three weeks) to arrive.



Metal options

Our jewelry is made for you to love and enjoy daily. Only the best materials available are used in creation of your heirloom piece for a lifetime of value. Below are the majority of metals used today. Choose which is best for you and your situation.


Platinum’s natural white sheen will never fade or change. It will also accentuate the sparkle of your diamond or gemstone. Because of its natural properties, it allows us to produce more intricate designs and still last a lifetime, making it ideal for heirloom designs and discerning clients.


Throughout history gold has been treasured for its natural beauty and radiance. It’s unique, exceptional heritage and its wonderful properties give it incredible and endless flexibility. By mixing other metals and oxides we can create an endless rainbow of colors.


The beauty of pure white sterling silver is synonymous with quality. It is the “Silver Standard.” The majority of men prefer silver for their own rings and jewelry. Due to its relative softness, it is not usually used for engagement or wedding bands, although there is rule against it. In fact, other than bridal sets, the majority of fashion jewelry uses silver.


Palladium is one of the rarest of metals. It is part of the platinum group metals and is naturally white. Classified among the Noble metals, it is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. It gives the quality and feel of platinum without the cost.

 Can I have my family gold and silver melted down and reused in a custom piece?

YES! We can recast your design from using gold or silver from existing jewelry, although in some cases the variance in the alloys negatively affects the chemical structure of the piece. Recasting with yellow gold usually does not present any problems; white gold is more prone to these effects. When crediting the metal in your jewelry to be reused, yellow gold is given full credit for weight, white gold is given a portion of credit, and platinum is a scrap metal credit. Platinum is not recasted.

Can I use my own diamonds and gemstones in a custom piece? Will you set my stone?

YES! We would love to work with your stones provided they are in good shape. Please know diamonds from multiple heirloom pieces can and often do have differences in color, clarity and cut, so we may have to discuss ways to work around that. Due to the value, setting style, and durability of the stone, the fees are varied. Please contact us for prices.

 Do you offer Conflict-free diamonds?

 Are your gemstones & metals responsibly sourced?

 What do different sizes and shapes of stones look like?

 What if I don’t like my custom designed jewelry? What is your guarantee?

Our promise is we will work closely with each client to create the proper design you have in mind. You will love your design. If for some reason you are not satisfied, let us know with three weeks of receiving your piece and we will tweak, revamp it, or completely remake it one time for FREE! The only charge will be for the difference in price if the new design cost more than the original; i.e., the new design uses more diamonds.

Okay, the caveat is that we do need to have the recipient involved in the design process if the piece is a gift. This is not for unexpected engagements. If the piece is a surprise gift and the recipient does not love it as you anticipated, we will give a partial credit toward a new custom piece. That credit will be based upon many factors so as the process moves forward we can discuss that in advance if needed. Customers creating designs that are exempt from having the custom promise will be notified before a deposit is taken and the job is begun.

 What are your warranties?

We guarantee everything that we make, repair, or sell for one year from the date of delivery unless otherwise notated here or in writing to the customer. The guarantee covers parts and labor only. Stone loss is only guaranteed if the customer has taken advantage of the “Check & Tighten” service. Unfortunately, not all ring styles and repairs can be guaranteed. Please check below for our list of exclusions.


1.      Glued items

2.      Enameling

3.      Lead solders

4.      Gold or Rhodium plating

5.      Loss of any prong set stone with less than 3 prongs.

6.      Loss of any round stone over a ½ ct unless it is in a 6 prong gold setting or a 4 prong platinum setting.

7.      Loss of any prong set stone unless it has the following number of prongs:

      Emerald cut stone minimum of 4 prongs      Oval stone minimum of  6 prongs      Marquise stone minimum of  6 prongs

      Pear  stone minimum of 5 prongs       Heart stone minimum of  5 prongs      Trillion stone minimum of  3 ( “v” prongs)

8.      Prong set stones that have thin prongs, missing prongs, uneven prongs, or stones that are set crooked.

9.      Bead setting where the beads are badly worn, missing, or the stone is set crooked.

10.  Channel setting that is thin, torn, uneven, has no support structure, or stones that are set crooked.

11.  Bezel setting that is thin, torn, or stone is crooked.


Ring Sizing

1.      If we size the customer’s actual finger and the size is incorrect or the ring is a new purchase from us, we will resize the ring at no charge within 30 days from the date of delivery.

2.      If the ring is sized to the CUSTOMER’S requested size and is incorrect, we will charge for the resizing.

3.      We can only guarantee our ring sizing from the customer’s actual finger. We cannot use the size of another ring and be accurate.

4.      Ring sizing can only be guaranteed for 30 days from date of delivery because of change in weight, medication, etc.

5.      If ring repair is not picked up within 21 days of completion the guarantee will be void.

 Watch Repairs Watch repairs are guaranteed for six months from the date of completion. Due to the number of parts within your watch, we can only guarantee the work done.

Gems and Diamonds

1.      We do not guarantee that a diamond or gemstone will not chip, break, scratch, or fracture. All stones, including diamonds can break, chip, scratch, and fracture. We strongly suggest insuring your jewelry with your homeowner’s policy.

2.      We cannot be responsible for the further fracture or damage to gemstones or diamonds that are received from the customer already damaged, with large inclusions, or imperfections.

 Tightening and Checking

1.      An extra fee is required for our jeweler to tighten and check the stones in your jewelry. If the customer refuses this service the stones will not be guaranteed for tightness or loss. We do not guarantee against loss without the fee unless we actually set the stone. Exclusions do apply.

2.      When asked to “check links” on bracelets, chains, clasps, etc. we cannot guarantee their loss or durability. Many items cannot be checked without taking them completely apart. Items that are wearing okay today may have a problem days or weeks later. We only guarantee the repair on the specific link.

3.      We cannot guarantee the loss of a stone when we do not re-tip or re-prong all of the prongs when we deem it necessary to repair.


1.      Showcase items that have not been altered from the original form will receive a refund up to 7 days or exchange up to 90 days from date of purchase. Alterations include sizing, stone substitution, or scratches from wear.

2.      Special order items normally cannot be refunded. If the vendor will accept the return, a refund or credit will be issued minus shipping and handling.

3.      Specially casted, handmade, or fabricated items can only be exchanged or remade within 30 days of delivery. Regular labor charges will be incurred with each remaking. If the item was a gift and we could not speak with the recipient a discount of 50% will be given on the labor.


 What is the best way to care for my jewelry?